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Online Teaching

During the pandemic, I was determined to give my students the best experience possible while teaching from my studio at home.

This background is the view they never saw, messy cables and equipment everywhere.

The result in the end was a fully outfitted state of the art online teaching studio with multi-media capability, multiple camera angles, and top of the line audio e - the ability to teach anywhere in the world that has an internet connection.

Here is a sample of use of that equipment in a video entitled "How to Own Your Scales - Galamian's 24-Note System

Owning Your Scales - Galamian 24 Notes - Practice Tips

Owning Your Scales - Galamian 24 Notes - Practice Tips

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Of course, the experience in the end also dependent on the student's equipment, but with a high-speed internet connection and an affordable bluetooth microphone, I can hear you as clearly as you can hear me.

I use for my audio and Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime for the video.

Cleanfeed was a wonderful discovery. We now get better than CD quality sound with very low latency during lessons.

I always help new students to find the right equipment and get the best software, audio settings, and set-up before the first lesson. 

From then on, its mostly smooth sailing. The added benefit is that students can add quality to all of their online experiences, including their own teaching, once the set-up is established.

For an online lesson, fill our the contact form and we can arrange a technical set-up session and lesson that works with our schedules.

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